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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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speak about 3 qualities that are critical for the urban forestry i served on the council might have the first character is knowledge mike's down done a good job he wrote a book and his tree walk he leads tours around the city are well loved and certainly has a foundation of knowledge the second is passion san francisco certainly has our share of people that are passionate about all kinds of things trees are not his bread and butter but he gives his time this speaks to his commitment and finally, i think we shouldn't underestimate the value of that moderated position the council represents both the
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city itself and it represents the resident of san francisco it is important that the council members have an item time that will look at all contention issues that come up and make people feel their thoughts and opinions are welcome and heard he can pull those together and make the best decisions so i urge you to donor him and that's a behalf and well behaved baby (laughter). >> anastasia, amber. >> i certainly can't compete with a baby (laughter) by you probably recognize my face i've been in our offices
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and had meeting with you recommending things i've been attending the policy and meetings absolutely regularly to the last year and a half including including the strategic process so i'm unanimously unanimous with the direction all of who work to the best of their knowledge i don't hear a link to the neighborhood organizations that take the pulse of the resident that who hearts beat for the trees mr. johnson could be that link by acquired experience linda served as an officer in of the greater west portal association and as an active members of the audubon
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society she knows how to look at and a half and non-and a half trees she knows the process and can speak to the resident that point trees preserved they need to have a closer relationship with the san francisco there are plenty of tree professionals and representatives of the tree organizations on the council but linda's voice is one that wants their opinions to matter at city hall please bring that fresh perspective to the council by approving linda's nomination. >> go ahead anastasia. >> i came here to speak on carl
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listen johnson i think here candidacy is necessary you need diversity on the council and i don't feel like i was attending some of the meetings not all of the meetings but they're very nice people but i think the current plan to cut what i believe one thousand trees on in sharp park and you know you see what t what the city is going to cut one thousand trees i heard mr. sullivan he's a very nice guy i think we need to protect the trees and the natural areas programs are threatening them and we need to as most of the
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people in my neighborhoods are completely against cutting the trees and then mr. davidson you cut the trees and the trees suffered so the noise increases and the pollution is not absorbed so i don't find this point of view represented i really don't like on the nature of the areas the programs the herbicides using use it is not being addressed in the urban forestry council meeting please support carolyn johnson for this seat thank you. >> hello, i'm amber here to
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speak about mike sullivan's nomination to the board and council i'd like to say that 3 things one i've known mike sullivan since 2007 and been watching his role in not only working with street trees and the san francisco friends of the urban forestry and all his involvement throughout the years but also the work on the sutra trades and it has been critical to the neighborhood engagement when you look at what people do when they get involved when will had they gave me they become shreds of the community. >> one day may not have all the information my backyard u backward is the urban forestry map and through the tool i developed a software that
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manages and tracks trees all over the city and kwvendz the environment a way to track the management of forest i've seen over san francisco most of the trees in the city are near the end of their life they tend to fall and become hazards they hurt people and can property damages and is one of the largest costs to the city and one of the things for the urban forestry is the hazards of trees let's have smart management you have to have education and knowledge and knowing about trees in depth to make appropriate decisions weighing all the opinions that people have and mike sullivan has a
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that experience. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i'm charley stair buck we both go back decades my case over 3 decades and mike 2 decade i know mike's work i know he's a long term advocate of the urban forestry and we're both lawyers and i don't want you to hold that against us differences are mike is an extremely accomplished and quality arborist we both will have been volunteers all this time he to the best of my knowledge more knowledge about the trees and where they're related to and
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the backgrounds and the characteristics than anyone i've run across in the urban forestry he is an excellent public speaker i've been to his tree meetings and he's articulate and finally the author of what i consider the tree biblical the ii use week in and out it's an excellent reference the important thing about both of us being lawyers or mike being a lawyer we're trained to look at both sides of the issue not only the parts of issue that satisfy our clients but also the ones that are opposing but in summary i'll say unless
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there's a rekarntd john buehler come up in san francisco mike is the best choice thank you. >> hello, i'm helen a civil arborist and a practicing and xhoumentd u consulting arborist i was there for a tree crossroad i knew mike very well and a few things not touched on he was a tree care volunteer so many of the saturdays he out in his own car and own time and assisted volunteers in pruning and restaking trees and advising homeowners on the care of his trees he knows the importance the tree maintenance and also in the 1990s brown before computer
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data was available i walked the streets and sardz the trees and wrote a report so we could all learn and get the feedback he also took and passed the arresting above the examine that's not to practice professionally but as an intellectual challenge i guess i've taken that examine i run study classes and plenty of people in the industry had that trouble it covers planning and pruning and protecting trees and climbing knots we're looking at a person with a scientific mind and emotional and he's calm and levelheaded he has never made a rude comment and understands
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trees so the city and county of san francisco can only benefit are there others who wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed supervisors commissioner chan sure i want to thank everyone that came out to speak and mr. sullivan and ms. johnson he know that people can get heated and i see i like both captions i see a lot of similarities both are attorneys by trade and voefltd their personal additional time to tree issues so thank you very much for that but i'll say i'm interested in having mr. sullivan return to the urban forestry council to serve i think because of his extensive background the people mentioned
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expertise as well as is left behind and we continue to build upon highs roll if he was able to return. >> i agree with you this is one of the situations again, we have basically too good candidates for one position a lot of times i wish scott wiener we had the authority to create more positions to meet both are equally passionate from a different perspective but passionate both are trained attorneys so they could look at both sides of the argument and both have spent time on the issue on their own time me the knowledge base they come
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from different perspectives but one of the things that struck me do we have a different prospective here or not and have smoking gun 134b from the community with a different perspective i'm going to be favoring carolyn to be be on this council. >> i think i'm going to go home now (laughter) well, you know this is what happens at the rules committee and oftentimes you have more quality candidates had an positions and any one of those individuals will do a good job for the city i mean maple this meantime you have more quality people than positions anyone who
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doesn't get the appointment you'll hope they continue to apply as vacancy get open because of the marketing of the rolls i agree with the position of carolyn anyone that follows san francisco policies there are times when i disagree with mr. sullivan on a number of issues even though bay interesting enough we by the way, worked at the same law firm i don't know if that's a good or bad thing but i think for me, the question is in terms of the moving this body forward i think that given his expertise and passion and
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the fact that he has played that roll before i'll be supporting mr. sullivan not to take anything away from ms. johnson but the fact he brother a book about san francisco trees speaks for itself so happy to support the motion if there's a motion. >> okay. so we have a motion on the floor. >> so i'd like to make a motion to move michael sullivan have you been to 9 whole board as a when he economy report and we'll take that without objection. the motion passes ms. johnson there are people that are quality as supervisor campos mentioned encourage them to reapply
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because at some point this is going to be other openings in the meantime congratulations mr. sullivan so we'll move on this yes, ma'am item is closed we're going to move to the special rules committee for the september 18, 2014, which is starts over 2:30 we'll be convening a special meeting madam clerk. >> a motion confirming the mayor's office appointment on the community infrastructure for 2012. >> so sir, would you like to make comments. >> good afternoon, members of the committee and members of the public that are here
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my name is miguel gus to see a native san franciscan in the mission district i have over 20 years of experience in nonprofit and government i orchids on the redevelopment board that gave me an understanding that the new commission is bound or committed to making sure they go through like transbay and mission bay and hunters point shipyard and candle stick point and along with the affordable housing now the commission on the committee of infrastructure has an an obligation to fill one of the things i want to continue to do bring forward the voice of the community i was very active in
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going to the cac and in engaging stakeholders when the concession was moving along with the project and activity in engaging stakeholders like the board of supervisors those projects are city projects so being able to engagement as many people as possible and hear the voice of the community was very, very important to me so i did that before and love co- dodo it again now before us are various projects to be approved and now time to execute them but it is not how you do it but when i do it making sure small businesses have an opportunity to go after the contracts my dad was a member of local 2 61 and helped
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to build the city imagine if people in the areas are given an opportunity to help build they been city that pride i remember as a kid we went in the car and rode around to the bank of america and seeing the spots my dad helped to create minimal giving that opportunity to other folks giving them an opportunity i'm existing about this and continue the good work during redevelopment i'm excited to continue the promise to make sure we fulfill that promise to the people in the redevelopment zones and areas and now part of the community on infrastructure and investment so with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> any questions seeing none,
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thank you very much any public comment on that item? come on up you have two minutes each. >> hello supervisors my name is according to hernandez an organizer for 2 61 on behalf of the members we support this gentleman i have a letter from our business manager ramona asking for our support for miguel he was invested in the creation of thousands of job a long term friend of the community so, please support his candidacy for 9 investment and infrastructure. >> thank you good afternoon with bright line defense i also
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want to speak in favor and support missing gull gos to see we were still in local hiring before supervisor avalos lead the charge for local hiring i the mayor ed lee make sure we have a successful local hiring law but before that there was only a handful of places and this was redevelopment because commissioner gus to say was on the agency he said we need to do better in local hiring it's part of the fabric as a community leader it's in his blood to uplift the community through work i want to say he would be a great asset so, please i
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respectfully ask for your support and are there others who wish to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. chairman i'm very happy and proud to support missing gull for his appointment today, i note that another very important qualification that was left out was that i know that he is as involved in districts 9 and the mission community and definitely one of my constituents in district nine and proud he continues to serve and happy he's willing to do this i'm happy to with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor tang i would agree a nomination i met mr. gus to see many, many years
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and have known of his work and thank him for his strong leadership continuity is very, very important we look forward to you continuing our work. >> i ditto the comments of the colleagues i'm happy you want to continue the work you've started and on other committees you and i k459d about very development and the need to look at family housing especially for affordable housing for the low income invokes and our passion for the diverse population for san francisco is there something i can't agree more with you any more i mean it's like you're the right person for the position so
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we have a motion without objection the motion passes congratulations so this special session s is closed. >> we'll join that without a regular meeting. >> madam clerk item 4. >> a hearing appointing one member terms ending in 2015 one seat and one applicant autopsied the plant for the seat has since withdrawn her application any public comment on that item? sooepd do we have a motion to continue this to the call of the chair we'll take that without objection. the motion passes. >> madam clerk item 5. >> item 5 to consider appoint one person to the open space
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advisory committee one seat and one applicant. >> okay hi thank you, supervisors and for considering me for the rec and park if you for the prozac board i live on mission street in the heart of mid-market and district 6 i am sure you've noticed the new construction of homes there's 10 thousand new you houses and no open space modest passion is my neighborhood and district 6 in particular and the attempt to try to find any spaces to perceive is green and open space because that's all begun i don't know if you see
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the upgraded map it includes 4 market spaces and this is since the map was you upgraded i've been a community activist and served in two towns before i retired i was a business manager for design firms and was trained other than the historic guidelines i current serve on the central market cd and cac for 10 years i was on the board of the south of market childcare that serves two sites 60 percent uninduced and underprivileged children one of the facts in the tenderloin is how many families we have and with the construction how many children than ever and those kids have not one inch of green space in
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which to play i'm on the sfkt and we tried to look at the department of real estate is looking at at short lists of potential sites but if we don't act quickly those sites will be gone and one has been acquired by a developer in the heart of the city all of the land is being snatched up by there is a sense of urgencycy in mid-market we have to grab some of the sites before the opportunity is gone 6th district is diverse i'm a homeowner and senior citizens and 3 grandchildren in the san
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francisco public schools they're getting a wonderful education and the myth that san francisco schools are not good it's a myth just as a side note my grandchildren are spanish speaking and considered to be of color i hope i've communicated my passion to the effort of finding open space we can preserve in mid-market for the rest of the families that love the city such as i do and thank you very much any questions. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any public comment on that item? we're here from supervisor kim's office and hi thank you supervisor yee i wanted to pop-in additional reiterate supervisor kim's support so far
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jane i've known her for a long time i have known here h her she's been involved and she has articulated more open space for positive activation for capacity building in our district so we hope you'll approve and forward her campaigncy today and any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed ms. is it while. >> what you described user i thought you were describing me (laughter) homeowner, grand parent. >> i hope my two admirals or girls are not listening


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